The Fox Movietone News collection consists primarily of 35mm nitrate film, which can only be handled by labs with a nitrate license.  Our relationship with the stewards of this collection at the Library of Congress, with whom we initiated a joint preservation program in 1976, allows us to produce new HD or 4K scans from the 35mm nitrate film elements. Clients interested in pursuing new film transfers from 35mm can expect lead times of approximately 6-8 weeks.  All transfer costs are assumed by the client (transfers costs are separate from licensing rights, which must be obtained in order to use the material in a commercial manner). New scans will be delivered directly to Fox Movietone in New York and we will issue a new screener based off the resulting master.  Costs vary depending on the amount of material being transferred.  Please call or write to us for quotes.


A discreet portion of 16mm safety film from 1952-1963 is available for HD scans upon request.  When searching the archive, you will notice that certain shot lists for story numbers after 1952 make reference to 16mm description. 

Transfer Details

All transfers are output onto HDCAM and are billed in $250/half hour blocks along with a $150 mastering fee, so a base transfer of a single element would be $400. These are special rates we've negotiated on behalf of our clients and reflects our actual cost.  Because the length of each reel is not known until it is brought in-house we cannot provide accurate estimates of the transfer until all elements are inspected.  As a very broad rule of thumb, an average reel is about 100-200ft.  At those lengths, a client may be able to transfer up to 4 short reels in within the first half hour block.  Please keep in mind that we are charged for the time it takes the lab to inspect, clean, and transfer the film and so a 15minute reel is probably at least a half hour of lab time.  If reels are excessively long we give the client the option of backing out of the transfer.  The facility fee associated w/the delivery of film to and from the cold storage to Manhattan is subsumed by us and not the client, however should the client get cold feet a non-refundable $250 deposit should be taken to cover these costs.

Film researchers are welcome!

At Movietone, we encourage filmmakers and footage researchers to visit our offices in New York.

Fox Movietone News retains roughly 15million feet of 16mm camera negative, much of which has not been seen.  Unlike other news archives which threw open their doors to the public, Fox Movietone lay dormant for a number of years.  One of the upsides to this lack of access was that the film was not exposed to the hazards of repeated viewing and or mishandling by inexperienced hands.  In the age of digital it is difficult to grasp the generational loss of analogue duplication, and the unique value of a master element.  Consequently the footage is a treasure trove waiting to be put to good use by the documentary community who recognize the value inherent in the materials relative obscurity.  There is nothing more exciting to a filmmaker than to make an invisible, un-digitized archive visible again.


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